Hi, I'm Sean.

I'm a freelance Google Ads specialist based in London, UK but with clients all around the world. Unlike many, I stay super focused and only offer Google Ads services to clients (so no SEO, Facebook etc) - so if you're looking for a genuine Google Ads specialist, then you've come to the right place 🙂

I also have a great web developer Alex that I work with and he can help create a great looking website for your business. Click here for further information on our website design package.

Local Services Expertise

I specialise in working with local service business owners. Having previously set-up and scaled a domestic cleaning company to multiple cities across the country, I know exactly what's needed to make Google Ads work for you.

Why Project83?

83 is the magic number. Less than 5% of all companies will hit the magical 83k revenue per month - or 1m for the year. In the right hands and with the right guidance, Google Ads can help you get there.

FREE 15-min Video Review

If you're a local service business owner currently using Google Ads, I'd be happy to do a FREE 15-min video audit of your account. I'll log in and do a video recording of your campaign set up. Usually, I pick up at least a couple of things that can save you money.

If this is of interest, simply Contact Me >> , and I can arrange this for you.

Live Case Study: Neat Services

Who are we?  I'm also the Founder at Neat - a domestic cleaning company with operations in multiple cities across the UK. Google Ads Is the main marketing channel we've used to scale the business. Although I'm no longer involved in the day-to-day running of the business, I still manage all their Google Ads campaigns.

I feel your pain. When we first launched, we used an outside agency to manage our Google Ads for us. However, a few years later (and after many thousands of pounds spent), we realised that the account was significantly underperforming. I fired the agency and then went about becoming an expert myself. By focusing on a few key areas, we managed to double the profitability of our ad campaigns within 6-months.

Let's share the love. Unlike most other agencies or freelancers, we have a live case study which we test all our Google Ads strategies. So whatever we learn with Neat, we can share with your account. But good performance is never enough. We don't rest on our laurels, and we're always looking for improvements!

Some Nice Words From My Clients...

Oisin McHale, Painterly

"I really liked Sean's 80/20 approach to managing our account, focusing on the things that really matter. We had a lot of waste in our account, which he quickly identified. Our cost per lead is now 25% less than when we started. Very happy and highly recommended."

Sami Peka, My Home Lovely

"Switching from pay per lead platforms to Google Ads saved my business and I have Sean to thank for that. He is very knowledgeable and tremendously helpful. Working with him is a pleasure and my business is going from strength to strength now."

Luca Bernadi, Menage Simple

"We're extremely happy with the services offered, and very pleased with the results that went way beyond our expectations. Sean's expertise fully paid itself in a very short time, and allowed us to gain about 30% more clients through Google Ads. Would recommend him without hesitation."

How We Would Work Together

What Are Your Goals? Having a definitive numerical target is always a wise approach with any marketing channel, including Google Ads. Usually, a good place to start is to calculate your customer lifetime value. If you're confident in this number, you can then determine exactly how profitable your marketing campaigns are.

How Are Your Clients Searching? What do people type into Google to search for a service such as yours? Often people search in very different ways, so we'll brainstorm with you, review the content on your website (and your competitors) as well as other accessing other tools such as Google's Keyword Planner.

Test, Test, Test. Continually testing is the key to Google Ads success. A static account will simply die over time as the level of competition continues to increase. Your account needs to be actively managed to succeed over the long term. We'll test and track a whole host of variables. By making incremental gains across a number of areas, the performance of your overall ad campaigns will significantly improve.

If you have any questions or would like a FREE 15-min video audit of your Google Ads account, then feel free to Contact Me >>.

Or if you're looking for a new website for your business, click here for further information on our website design package.